Vortrag: coGITo ergo SUbModule

How to maintain reproducability across repositories in large projects with git submodules

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Modern version control systems not only help with colaboration, but also preserve the complete history of the development process of software projects. This is especially helpful for identifying changesets that introduced errors.
However it is not trivial to reproduce a consistent historical state of a larger project consisting of several git-repositories.
In this contribution, we show an ansatz to solve this problem using the onboard tooling of "git submodules". We also discuss the differences to other aproaches like "git lfs", "git annex" and pinning dependencies by hand.


Tag: 03.11.2018
Anfang: 11:40
Dauer: 00:30
Raum: Vortragsraum 2
Track: DevOps
Sprache: en



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